Xiaomi Mi laptop in India, I will be telling you my initial impressions and thoughts about the newly launched MI notebook 14 and the MI Notebook 14 horizon edition 67890. So firstly there are 2 models Which is the Mi notebook And MI notebook horizon edition.

Both of them combined have about 5 variants that have been launched here in INDIA.

So firstly we will see the MI NoteBook 14 horizon edition which is the top of the line flagship model.

So, Xiaomi’s community of fans and users in India Mi Notebook and RedmiBook series of laptops, and finally launched.

Xiaomi  Mi Notebook Description

This model comes with an aluminum Chassis, minimal bezels, weighs just 1.50kg, and has a compact form factor. Inside there is a 10th gen Intel Processors.

It has Intel’s 10th generation processor,a variant with nvidia’s mx250 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram, an 14 inch full HD anti-glare ips screen and for storage you can select either 256 gb or 512gb.

which is fast and you also get 8GB of RAM, discrete graphics cards, and a selection of ports that notably skips a USB Type-C.

To be honest Type C port is a must in 2020, and there are cheaper laptops than this featuring type C port.

Another thing missing on this laptop is a webcam, Now this is a good thing as well as a bad thing. This gives you more privacy,the laptop looks cleaner.

The positives are, its lightweight, small form factor, The small bezels give it a more modern look.

It supports windows 10 gestures for track pad and some cons like poor brightness, limited port selection, and single-channel ram.

Specification of Xiaomi Mi Notebook

Processor  -Intel Core i5 10th Gen 10210U
Battery Capacity  – Upto 10 Hours
Size – 14.00Inch
Ram – 8GB
SSD – 256 GB
Web Camera – Yes

Xiaomi Mi laptop in India

Taking a look at the Specification the MI notebook has 2 variants in total that is the CORE i5 model.

And the Core i7 model only major difference between them is the processor and the SSD otherwise both of them have the same 8 GB of ram.

An Nvidia Geforce MX350 dedicated CPU in common which is really some great specification and for SSD the core i5 model comes with normal 512 GB data ssd. So Now Xiaomi Mi laptop in India.

Whereas the Core i7 model comes with 512 GB PCIE Nvme SSD which is a bit faster in read write speeds compared to normal ssd.

Further, the laptop offers a 13.3” IPS anti-glare display with 250nits max brightness which according to me is n’t that good.

Additionally, you get a chiclet-style keyboard without any backlighting and there is also DTS Surround sound audio support.

Xiaomi Mi laptop in India

It also has a custom fan that increases the air intake volume by 25% and an improved management system featuring dual heat pipes.

As for InternalsThe Redmi Book 13 is powered by 10th-generation Intel Core processors, paired with NVIDIAGeForce MX250 graphics.

There is also 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage.

The Nvidia GeForce MX250 graphics card with 2GB of graphics memory should be good enough to tackle casual games in mid settings, or lightweight photo and video editing. 

So that’s there but overall still it’s a really great package at a price of 59,999 if you are getting a 10th GEN CORE i7 chip.

Which Is what the main highlight of the product and that’s what I liked the most about it .

Whereas the 3rd model is interesting as it has a Nvidia Geforce MX 250 graphics card and that is coupled with a core i5 chip.

So the 3rd model is what I would personally prefer if you are on a tight budget price of this model is 47,999.

SO overall if you look at this notebook I personally feel that this is a much cheaper version of the Macbook Pro .

I must say with really great build quality and specification also this notebook has been mainly targeted towards power users.

Design of Xiaomi Mi laptop in India

For more productivity while keeping in mind the THIN AND LIGHT DESIGN PARAMETER So this is not that oriented towards gaming because thermal throttling might become an issue for it.

It has a very nice design which looks like a macbook and has a sturdy solid build which will be durable for a long time.

Its screen as it is an ips screen viewing angle will be very good with a very good color accuracy.

I would also like the  less weight as an advantage but this much weight is common nowadays in ultrabooks so that’s all the advantages and now the Xiaomi Mi laptop in India.

keyboard and also it’s made in, you know where,i leave that decision to you but mostly everything is built there.

So is this the best ultrabook ever launched in this price range we have options like ss vivobook 14 which is close,if not better.

We don’t know how long that cable will last next is keyboard not exactly keyboard, mi notebooks keyboard is very nice.

It will be a very pleasant experience for typing during daytime but in the room with less light or no light it won’t be easy to type yep you are right me notebook doesn’t have backlift.

Asus Vivobook 14 is also an ultrabook and has a very nice design if we talk about the specification. It has Intel’s i5 5th generation processor 8gb of ram512 gigabyte of ssd and 14 inch of full HD ips screen,for gpu.

Also with horizon edition xiaomi launched the normal Mi notebook 14 which has 3 variants in total and all 3 of them specification wise have the exact same 10th gen CORE i5 chipset as well similar 8 GB of ram so that’s great.

Next thing is the graphics the first 2 models have integrated INTEL HD graphics which will be mediocre just for name sake graphics.

which is the inaugural price and that is a really smart move by Xiaomi.

I should say because they have launched it at inaugural price and it will be interesting to see how they price it after this inaugural stuff.

Camera and Battery of Xiaomi Mi laptop in India

And rather than having a crappy camera you are better off without it. But if you are someone who uses a webcam for skype or such other thing then you can go with an external webcam. Now let’s dive into the specifications.

The battery is a 40-watt hour which according to Redmi offers 11 hours of battery life and supports 1C fast charging technology .

that can replenish up to 50% juice in around 35 minutes. And also it has Stereo Speakers and the number of USB ports is 3.

Advantages of  Xiaomi Mi laptop in India

First advantage it has over other laptops is its processors at a price of around 45K, xiaomi is offering intel’s latest 10th generation processor.

While most of the other laptops in this price are still stuck at 8th generation processors next, despite being a light ultrabook.

You can play games on it. Xiaomi has included nvidia’s mx250 with 2gb of graphics memory which is a decent gpu and can easily handle games like gta 5 at low or medium settings.

Next, is it built quality xiaomi is known for offering best quality products at a very reasonable price same with this laptop.

The ram is soldered to the Motherboard So you Can’t swap it out and add a 16 gigabyte of ram.

The next big disadvantage is the camera. i know xiaomi notebook comes with an external webcam but having a camera built into the laptop is good,personally i wouldn’t like to carry an external camera everywhere.

Conclusion :-

Finally Xiaomi Mi laptop in India, So now you decide for yourself whether you want to buy or not. also, comment your thoughts on this. anyways See you in the next one. 

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