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Unlock the full potential of your Android smartphone’s camera with the best camera apps available! Over the past few weeks, I’ve rigorously tested numerous options to bring you the ultimate recommendations.

In today’s world, camera apps have become indispensable for both professional and personal life, and I understand the need for simplicity. So, I’ve carefully narrowed down the list to just three amazing apps from the Play Store.

These apps are packed with features that rival professional cameras, offering an exceptional photography and videography experience. Let’s explore these top picks and take your smartphone photography to new heights!

Open Camera​

Introducing the first app on our list: Open Camera – a top-notch camera app for Android. Whether you’re an amateur exploring mobile phone photography or an experienced photographer aiming for professional-looking images, Open Camera is the ideal choice.

It offers extensive control over settings such as Focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and exposure, even while shooting videos. You can adjust image quality and format for stills, and capture RAW files to preserve scene details.

For videos, you can modify format, bit rate, and frame rate, and even shoot in Flat or Log profile, akin to RAW mode for videos. While the user interface might not be as refined as some other apps, it compensates with a wealth of features conveniently accessible from the main viewfinder.

Delve into the settings menu to uncover a plethora of hidden features and options, allowing you to tailor the app to your exact requirements. The best part? Open Camera is entirely free, with no in-app purchases or limitations on resolution for videos. Capture stunning pictures and videos with this exceptional and free camera app.

Filmic FirstLight

first light: camera app for android

Introducing the first app on our list  – a top-tier camera app for Android that deserves a spot on our list. Its user-friendly controls allow seamless manipulation of images with simple finger movements. Adjust exposure effortlessly by swiping up or down, while zebra lines keep you informed about over or underexposed areas.

Fine-tune focus by swiping left to right, and focus peaking is displayed through a green area. With FirstLight, achieving well-exposed and focused shots becomes a breeze. The settings menu offers an array of options, from image format and timer to flash and composition grids.

Add a touch of creativity with filters and overlays, all available in the free version. For those seeking even greater control and customization, FirstLight excels beyond the native camera app, granting you unparalleled simplicity and image control.

Manual Camera (DSLR) Lite

manual camera: camera app for android

Now, let’s explore the third camera app on our list – Manual Camera Lite. This app offers an impressive array of features and options, similar to Open Camera, but with a much-improved user interface.

Unlike First Light, which was limited to image capture only, Manual Camera Lite grants you granular control over both images and videos. Finding specific features is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive dashboard.

When you delve into the settings, you’ll be delighted to discover a plethora of customization options, all conveniently laid out on a single page. Compared to Open Camera, the simplicity and accessibility of these settings make Manual Camera Lite a standout.

There’s also a lighter version available, providing the same settings and features, but with a maximum image resolution of around 8 megapixels and capped video resolution. With Manual Camera Lite, you’ll experience enhanced control and a user-friendly interface, making it one of the best camera apps for Android.


Unleash your creativity with top Android camera apps! From pros to hobbyists, these apps elevate smartphone photography with advanced features and intuitive interfaces. Embrace the convenience, capture moments with finesse! Happy shooting!

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